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Warranty Terms and Conditions

Product quality is a top priority for Electro-Wear Ltd. Electro-Wear Ltd offers 6 month warranty against defects for all products sold from the date of receipt. The warranty does not cover driver incompatibility, normal wear, non-rechargeable batteries, consumables, damage due to accidents, physical force, water, fire, power surge, acts of God, or other misuse.

Pre-shipment Quality Assurance Check

Electro-Wear Ltd checks all products with a strict quality assurance checklist. The checks include the appearance of the goods, the function of the hardware, the inner packaging, the outer packaging, and inclusion of applicable accessories and power adapters. Custom-made products will go through additional checklist as required by the customers. For small orders and samples, Electro-Wear Ltd executes the quality assurance check for all products. For large order, Electro-Wear Ltd uses the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) industrial standard to ensure high product quality.

Screening Vendors and Factories

Electro-Wear Ltd may use third party assembly factories to produce the products and periodically screen vendors and assembly factories to maintain highest quality standard. Each quarter and whenever needed, Electro-Wear Ltd will review and evaluate the vendor suitability based on customer feedbacks, factory facility and performance.
Factories that do not meet Electro-Wear Ltd's quality standard are excluded from being a vendor. New factories that offer good quality and services will be added. All suppliers' quality data will be permanently stored in Electro-Wear Ltd's database for future reference.

Warranty Period Start Date

The warranty period begins from the receipt of the goods by the initial recipient
Significantly Not-as-described Items
Significantly not-as-described items include completely different items, wrong display size, wrong position on garments, and product colors that are different from what buyers explicitly request. Electro-Wear Ltd does not accept returns of goods due to non-critical differences in packaging, associated accessories, or product color unless customers explicitly indicate the requirement in writing in their order comments.

Before Returning Items

If products are defective, we will ask the customer to provide us a few thing before going to any conclusions. Pictures and/or samples of the defective products, upon which will will try to verify the claims Once our support staff receives your request, we will review the issue and offer technical help and resolution. If Electro-Wear Ltd believe the product may be defective or significantly not as described, Electro-Wear Ltd will Replace Merchandises according to customer's preferences:

-Within the next purchase from customer
-Immediatly after receipt of damaged/non standards goods
Should customer applies for the second option the delay of relivering goods to customer will be as per our normal delivery time or longer, in all cases, the customer will be instructed or delivery time prior to starting production.

Procedure for Returning Goods

1. Customer opens a support ticket detailing the order number, product model number, nature of the problem, and a step-by-step description of how to reproduce the problems if necessary.
2. Electro-Wear Ltd offers technical help and possible solutions. If the issues are not resolved, we will issue return Merchandizes in teh condition stipulated in Section 4: Before Returning Items .
3. Customer might have to return the items by normal post office air mail if Electro-Wear Ltd deems necessary to examine dammaged goods or non-standards good before replacing/refinding them. Returned items must be in their original condition, with the return slip, and all their accessories and packaging included, or as advised by our support staff.
4. Electro-Wear Ltd receives the returned goods and informs the customer. Options for replacement / service / refund are clarified if clarificaiton weren't made prior to shipping.
5. Electro-Wear Ltd checks the goods to verify the claim. Replacements or serviced items are shipped back to the customer via regular air mail, with full tracking details provided.
The returned products must be received by Electro-Wear Ltd within 30 days confirmation form Electro-Wear Ltd to return goods. Returned product received beyond the return period, not in original brand new condition, or has any part missing, may not qualify for warranty. For valuable items, customers are advised to purchase insurance in case the items are damaged or lost during the shipment. Electro-Wear Ltd is not responsible for any damage or lost during the return shipment to Electro-Wear Ltd.

Handling Returned Items

Returned items, once verified to be defective or significantly not as described, will be replaced with the same model or serviced. If original models are not available for replacements, Electro-Wear Ltd will recommend buyers with different models of equal value and similar features as replacements. If replacement models are not available, buyers may use the credit to purchase alternative products, or ask refunds. Original shipping costs are non-refundable except for significantly not-as-described items.
If Electro-Wear Ltd verifies that the returned items are non-defective, buyers are responsible for the shipping cost for returning the items back to them. If buyers refuse to pay for the return shipping cost, Electro-Wear Ltd reserves the rights to deduct a minimum of 25% restocking fee before issuing a partial refund to the buyer. Shipping costs are non-refundable in any circumstances. In the rare case that buyers return similar items purchased from other vendors, Electro-Wear Ltd will notify buyers and will not be responsible for replacing or repairing the items. Buyer must pay the shipping cost.

Return Shipping Cost Responsibility

For significantly not-as-described items shipped to buyers, Electro-Wear Ltd will refund buyers' reasonable shipping cost for returning items using regular post office airmail. For defective products, customer is responsible for the return shipping cost to Electro-Wear Ltd and Electro-Wear Ltd is responsible for the shipping cost back to the customer as well as refunding the customer of its shipping cost of shipping back dammaged or not-as-described goods to Electro-Wear Ltd.
For frequent buyers or contracted distributors, Electro-Wear Ltd advises buyers to set up return schedules and accumulate enough items before returning them in bulk to save shipping cost. Please contact our support department for more detail in setting up a product service schedule.
Return shipping cost will be refunded to buyer within 10 working days after the returned items are received and verified by our support department. If the original payment is made using PayPal or credit card, refund will be made via the same way. If the payment is made using Western union, wired Transfer (T/T) or other means, refund will be made less any fees. Frequent buyers are advised to accept the refund as credit for subsequent purchases to avoid payment fees.