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Manufacturing process

Most of the manufacturing process that happens for each order is mainly the "printing" of the EL panel.

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Assembly of the battery pack

assembling electronic components.
Controllers Assembly Lines
That's the simplest assembly since we have all components in hand and ready to be assembled on our assembly lines.

Here's controller's components are being assembled and tested, before final Quality Control.

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Printing of the EL panels.

The process of printing the EL Panels is broke down in 3 distinct parts.

1) The first part is of course to start to print the graphic display on top of the first layer:

Note that at the very start they are actually "bundled" together into one layer where one side is the printed circuit and the other side is the designs.
The first side to be printed is the first layer, where the EL powder is painted and the final result is a black and white thin film in the shape of the design, where the different darks areas are the part that will light up and the clearer areas are the part of the designs that will not light up.

Here is a silk printer where colors are applied to the graphic one by one.
worker here is spreading paint to make up an area of a designs, this process is repeated as many times as necessary to get a complete print of the designs.
printing the designs
Silk Printing at work
Oven to heat finished Electro-Luminescent Panels
Once the printing process is completed the panels are to be heated at extremely high temperature to primarily dry the paint on the print and to bundle all the various layers together.
Here are two of our oven that are ready to received all the shelves of prints.
Once the designs are all printed,they will be tested on our assembly lines and checked for default.

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Manufacturing of merchandises and assembling of the EL Panels on their support.

After testing of the EL Panels we come to their final assembly on garments or other support such as frame for examples.
Most of our garments are outsourced for special customized orders or stocked in-door.
The only part remaining is to assemble on the support where the EL panel will be added.
For our shirts for examples, we will stitch on them the velcro patch that reside behind the EL Panels. Here's is where the raw EL Panels are filtered and waits to be assembled on the shirts.
In this assembly line, one velcro patch will be stitched behind the EL Panel and the other corresponding velcro patch will be stitched on the shirts itself for example.

This is where we also put all necessary labeling onto their support, inside collar labels, and bags labels as well, according to customer requirements.
Once the final products is ready, products are all tested one more times during 24 hours.

Once final quality control is done, product are packaged, and a quantity/designs control is done, where we check that all size, quantities, designs are accordingly to customers orders.
then products will be bundled together in their outer packing and ready to be shipped.

inner packing outter packing