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Order Process

Ordering is simple and happens in 7 steps:

  • 1Contact us for a request for quote
  • 2We'll send you a proforma invoices and or our tariffs for our products including shipping fees, as well as additional products information.
  • 3Once order is agreed with all products and desired quantties, we will issue you a proforma invoice which reflect the order.Base on this invoice with all terms agreed, we will start the order once payment is received.
  • 4Our payment varies depending on quantities:
    For all quantities on all products, unless specified differently with customer payment is done via Wire Transfer, bank to bank transfer, or Paypal for samples orders.
    Our account is with HSBC Hong-Kong with multiple branches all over the world accepting Euro, USD, Yen and other major currencies, Transfer to our account takes no more than 48 hours. See above for payment terms.
  • 5Once payment is received, you will received a sales confirmation and commercial invoice to confirm the start of production.
  • Depending on quantities and products, but usually within an average of 17 days, we will ship the order
    In the main time, on your request we will send you pictures of the products, designs, packing and other additional pictures that you might require.
  • 6When shipping our order to your location, we will send you by email a tracking no and tracking info so that you know that your order left and when exactly it will be delivered.
  • 7Receiving the order:Once you order is in hand, we strongly advise that you check all products before retailing them, and signal us of any defects that might have occurred during shipment.See our guarantee and shipping policy for more details.