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creating your Own Logo

Light-up products are ideal for all type of events and to advert your brand.
They are a unique marketing and promotional tool that will generate outrageous public attention. At Electro-Wear Ltd, we offer companies to turn their ordinary logo or designs in a Light Up Logo, that will be assemble on any of our products from Shirts to Point-of-Sales Display.

Tutorial Part 1: How to create Light Up Animations

In this section you will find useful demo about how is an animation aka 'light up logo' is created. This is purely a graphic process, that anybody with a descent graphic designs software such as photoshop or even firework can achieve.
They're is a few rules below that will help you greatly before hitting the drawing board.
  • All colors, except black are welcome and can be lighted up. The clearer the tone is , the better it is.
  • Colors cannot change, a part of a logo that is red, will stay red once it lights up.
  • All animations are static, meaning a slogan won't move from one corner of the logo to the other one like in a web banner. Think of the animation of light up designs as a neon sign.
  • An animation is made of different areas of a logo lighting up in a stacked fashion.
    An area can be two part of the logo at opposite side, see our demo here for more in depth information.

Tutorial Part 2: How are Sequenced Light Up Designs

In the previous section you've seen how a logo is to be animated. In this section you see how a logo is then sequenced, meaning how all the different area of an animation can be animated in various sequences.

  • Our controllers are pre-programmed in a total of 7 different sequences
  • Sequences in our controllers can be 'switched off', so instead of the 7 default sequences you couldhave 5
  • Sequences are staked on a set number of frames, each frames correspond to a different area being lighted up, a whole sequence will be made usually of 5 frames, sequenced in different order.
  • On our sound activated logo, you can see a different styles of sequences, they would be ignited by reacting to the beat of music, but the foundation of the animation will stay the same, so it is possible to have a regular logo tuned into a sound activated logo